Date and Time Stamps

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Date and Time Stamps

Post by @ru.sty84 » September 26th, 2018, 1:06 pm


So, when I download a story, I see and actual date and timestamp, not 5 weeks ago, like I see on Instagram. Here is my question, Is that date and time stamp the actual date and time in the location that the story was uploaded? I ask as I am several time zones away.

How about posts? I see the same thing. When I download a post, I now see a date and time. Is that the date and time that the person created the post on Instagram, or the date and time from the person's phone when the picture was taken?


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Re: Date and Time Stamps

Post by staver » February 19th, 2019, 2:47 am

It's most likely going to be the upload date on Instagram. So if someone takes a picture and then a year later posts it to instagram, and then you download it, the date you'll see is most likely going to be the date and time from instagram, which is the upload date and time, not the year old date the picture was taken.

As far as the time zone, I'm not sure how that works, whether Instagram will display the timezone your phone is set for or something else, but you can check this by posting something and then checking the date and time from the post (you can pull up the post on a desktop browser and hover the mouse over the time and it'll show exact date and time). Then change the timezone on your computer and refresh the page and see if the time is different.

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