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Multiple features request.

Posted: June 6th, 2019, 4:54 am
by Sanjeet
hello, I purchased the ad pack because of the awesome features and easy to use, I have few suggestions that can make our life and this app better :D :)

1. when we open a story and after it has end instead of staying there it should switch to next story or we can have swipe up option to change the story.

2. when we view a specific story can we have a auto viewed option?
Instead of pressing eye button for marking it as viewed can we have option for it so that all story we view are marked as viewed automatically?
It's a usual request because on refreshing it shows same story until we have to manually set it as viewed which is irritating.

3. When we open the story grid is opened which was one of my feature request from 2018 :P thanks for that :D but its that user is not able to determine which story has been already seen by user. So can please add a viewed icon like an eye on grid on stories which we have already viewed near the time shown in bottom of story.

4. on story section we have individual download option, can we have download all option as well? It will be easy to download all 10 items together than individually downloading them.

5. have a like option on post section. If we like some post we can press like button and it will like the post and same for dislike already liked post can be disliked.

6. Like we have download all stories option can we please have download all post and stories option when we visit some user profile.
So it will download all post and carousels if any and current stories and already saved stories in highlights.

Having all this feature will surely improve the user experience.

Many thanks for the wonderful app :D :)

Sanjeet Bisht